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Latest Tutorials and Scripts

My Cool Button: Button Generator
A cool web based button generator to create web 2.0 style buttons.

Tool Tips | 30 May 2007 | 207 | 0 Comments

Bubble Tooltips
Bubble Tooltips are an easy way to add (via a bit of CSS and javascript) fancy tooltips with a balloon shape to any web page.
Tool Tips | 23 Nov 2006 | 198 | 1 Comments

Snap Preview Anywhere
Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you're linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted "trips" to linked sites.
Tool Tips | 20 Nov 2006 | 119 | 0 Comments

A lightweight prototype based JavaScript tooltip
For a recent project I needed JavaScript tooltip functionality for showing detail information. All tooltip libraries that I came across were too complicated and bloated, did just too much and most of the time were still not flexible enough with the tooltip. So I decided to create my own library that is based on prototype.js
Tool Tips | 22 Oct 2006 | 179 | 0 Comments

WebSnapr - Preview Bubble Javascript
The WebSnapr Preview Bubble is a simple, unobtrusive script used to display an overlay bubble showing a hyperlink target thumbnail using WebSnapr. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.
Tool Tips | 21 Oct 2006 | 213 | 0 Comments

Tooltip for forms
Displays a tooltip next to form elements when the element receives focus.
Tool Tips | 14 Oct 2006 | 107 | 0 Comments

BoxOver uses javascript / DHTML to show tooltips on a website. Implementation of the tooltips, however, requires no knowledge of DHTML or javascript.
Tool Tips | 07 Sep 2006 | 256 | 0 Comments

Link Thumbnail
A little bit JavaScript, a little bit CSS and a little bit clairvoyance, Link Thumbnail shows users that are about to leave your site exactly where they're going. When that curious mouse pointer hovers over a link pointing to somewhere outside of your site, the script displays a small image of the destination page. It's a nice visual cue that serves a very real purpose: providing a clearer picture (no pun intended) of what's ahead.
Tool Tips | 19 Jul 2006 | 187 | 0 Comments

JavaScript fading tooltips
A great script on creating fading tooltips with Javascript.
Tool Tips | 09 Jul 2006 | 43 | 0 Comments

Tooltip with Images and Text
This is a specially formatted tooltip that displays changing images and optional text onmouseover of specified links or other page elements. Hover over the links and highlighted text here for demonstration and information about the tooltip.
Tool Tips | 04 Jul 2006 | 154 | 0 Comments

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