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multibox gallery
lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html.

Image Effects | 12 Jan 2008 | 1562 | 1 Comments

(E)2 Photo Gallery Made With Mootools
(E)2 Photo Gallery is a open source gallery built with Mootools Javascript Library the compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework. Designed to allow you to upload your photos to a desired folder, tell the (E)2 Photo Gallery what folder to look at and it will automatically load the images using PHP.

Image Effects | 12 Jan 2008 | 2460 | 0 Comments

lazierLoad automatically hooks itself to the page, finds all images and only loads those appearing “above the fold” resulting in faster page loads. The images not located in the viewport, are not loaded until they appear within it (viz. when the user scrolls down).

Image Effects | 11 Sep 2007 | 335 | 0 Comments

moo.Playground - ReMooz
A Lightbox, that can handle everything and is animated as well. Based on Moo Tools.

Image Effects | 16 Aug 2007 | 645 | 0 Comments

PhotoFolder scans a given folder for JPEG files with any number of thumbnail sizes per image. If the resized images do not yet exist, it will automatically create the thumbnails for you. It then returns a JSON or PHP array of sizes and dimensions for all images in the folder. The result is that your workflow for adding new images to an application built with PhotoFolder is a simple as putting named JPEG files in any directory.

Image Effects | 28 Jun 2007 | 501 | 0 Comments

Some Features:

# Flash Gallery to support both Flickr , Picasa , Fotki, Photobucket and Custom Images.
# Enable / Disable 'Print Screen' ( requested by Photographers )
# Easily Customizable
# Full Screen mode. ( on the Right Click - Flash Player 9)
# Supports both RSS and Custom Images.
# Liquid Layout - Fits to any size you specify.

Image Effects | 16 Jun 2007 | 449 | 0 Comments

IIPImage: Ajax-based Ultra High Resolution Image Viewer
IIPImage is an Open Source light-weight client-server system for the remote viewing of very high-resolution images. It is designed to be bandwidth and memory efficient and usable even over a slow internet connection. The system is fast because the client only needs to download the portion of the whole image that is visible on the screen of the user at their current viewing resolution.

Image Effects | 08 Jun 2007 | 586 | 0 Comments

Moo Image Gallery
I needed a quick gallery solution for dropping images of my new niece up, and i didn't like pixel post. too much work. i whipped this up in about 2 hours. it uses prototype, moo.fx and some rudimentary php. it needs the gd extension for php, and write permissions on the folder with the pictures.

Image Effects | 23 May 2007 | 253 | 0 Comments

Image Slide Show

* Fade, Slide and Wipe transitions.
* Loops
* Play, Stop, Next and Previous controls.
* Inits from array of image src's, a list of images on the page or using the href of an a tag like the lightbox.

Please view source to see code. Under MIT License.

Image Effects | 17 May 2007 | 513 | 2 Comments

TJPzoom 3 Image Zoomer
As you may have realized, this is an image magnifier. It's a completely rewritten version of my script tjpzoom, but still is in JavaScript / DOM :). If you move your mouse over the picture, you can see a little zoom window with a magnified version of a part of the picture in it. But there is more...

Image Effects | 02 May 2007 | 341 | 0 Comments

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