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Latest Tutorials and Scripts

Simple Double Quotes
This CSS tutorial will show you how to display two double-quote images using one blockquote tag. The trick here is apply one background image to blockquote, and then apply another background to the first-letter (pseudo-element) of blockquote.

CSS | 03 Aug 2007 | 294 | 0 Comments

Fighting Spam with CSS
It can be very frustrating when you have a form on your site which has a good and useful purpose, but almost becomes obsolete because of relentless spamming. I had this problem a few months ago with my old site, and was thus forced to find a solution that was light-weight, easy to implement, and most importantly was effective. I decided to turn toward my friend CSS to help me out.
CSS | 25 Jun 2007 | 117 | 0 Comments

CSS Step Menu
I recently worked on a web application that required a step menu (AKA wizard menu). This menu has a varying amount of steps, dependent upon the type of user accessing the application. Because of that requirement, I needed to write a CSS menu that could easily be changed from 5 steps to 4, 3, or 2 steps. Since the web is full of CSS menus, I thought one of this sort would be rather easy to find. I was wrong. I never really found a good example of one. So, for those of you who have looked and come up short, here's an example.

CSS | 04 Jun 2007 | 198 | 0 Comments

Tabbed Navigation Using CSS
Hello, fellow web designer! This tutorial will teach you how to create low-bandwidth tab navigation on a web page using CSS. As an extra bonus you'll also learn how to switch tabs without loading the page more than once.

CSS | 22 May 2007 | 225 | 0 Comments

How to make sexy buttons with CSS
This tutorial will teach you how to create pretty looking textual buttons (with alternate pressed state) using CSS. Dynamic buttons save you heaps of time otherwise spent creating graphics and will basically make you a happier person at the end of the day. Here's what you'll get:

CSS | 07 May 2007 | 197 | 1 Comments

CSS | 04 May 2007 | 128 | 0 Comments

Time Sensitive CSS Switcher
When I set out to redesign this site, I had an idea: Could I make the stylesheet change based on the hour of the day? Sounds easy enough, right? So, I started searching the Internet for some code I could use. I'm a novice when it comes to javascript and php, so I was hoping to find some "plug and play" code, so to speak.

CSS | 14 Apr 2007 | 116 | 0 Comments

Unobtrusive Degradable Ajax Style Sheet Switcher
What I did to achieve this was used server-side cookies instead of JavaScript cookies. Hence, PHP. However this isn't a PHP style switcher, which is where Ajax comes in. For the extreme technical folks, no, there is no xml involved here, or even a callback response. I only say Ajax because everyone knows what 'it' means. With that said, it's the Ajax that sets the cookies 'on the fly'. Got it? Awesome!
CSS | 11 Apr 2007 | 115 | 0 Comments

CSS + Javascript Bar Charts
Recently I was working on CSS + JavaScript Bar Charts. SVG is good, but it's not cross browser so I decided to write simple chart by myself. This is only alpha and there are a lot of work to do.

CSS | 01 Apr 2007 | 35 | 0 Comments

Form field hints with CSS and JavaScript
It's a basic example of how helpful a little JavaScript and CSS can be in a form. Instead of the input hints always showing and potentionally cluttering a very simple form, only the hint for the currently focused input will show. This article will show a way to do this.

CSS | 29 Mar 2007 | 215 | 0 Comments

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