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Latest Tutorials and Scripts

MooMonth is a full calendar application written in javascript. Heavily configurable and customizable. It features smooth transitions between different views. Still in alpha stages, it will be several weeks before ready to be tested in production.

Calendars | 16 Nov 2007 | 474 | 0 Comments

Vista-like Ajax Calendar
The Vista-like Ajax Calendar is what the name says: a calendar based on the Vista taskbar calendar. The script runs on MooTools javascript framework, version 1.11 and uses javascript, xHTML, CSS and PHP.

Calendars | 29 Sep 2007 | 345 | 0 Comments

MooTools Date Picker
This is a simple mootools date picker.

Calendars | 18 Jul 2007 | 166 | 0 Comments

CSS: Unordered List Calendar
This is a list boxes calendar. It isn�¿½�¬�¢t the most semantic method, but it does seem to be fairly stable and it resizes perfectly. A monospace font like Courier New must be used to ensure proper proportions and two characters must be used. Prepared with dynamic generation in mind.

Calendars | 17 Mar 2007 | 256 | 0 Comments

Quick Calendar Using AJAX and PHP
Online calendars are often used in many web applications. Though popular, the logic behind creating a calendar can be scary especially for those who are new to programming. There are many web calendars in the market but some of them are quite complicated. If we are not able to understand the code, it becomes harder for us to customise the calendar to fit into our existing application. As such, we need to create a calendar that can plug itself into any system seamlessly without problems. Whether we are using Wordpress, Mambo/Joomla or Drupal, we should only need to insert one line into our code for the calendar to work.
Calendars | 27 Jan 2007 | 91 | 0 Comments

How to integrate Google Calendar in your website
One of the features I find it interesting in Google calendar is the possibility to create shared calendars, but also the availability of your calendar as XML or ICAL whatever it's a private or public one. As soon as we have XML of our calendar available I was wondering why not integrating Google calendar directly in website. For example a community that use the service to manage their events, or to display your future trips in your blog ?
Calendars | 09 Nov 2006 | 68 | 0 Comments

JS Calendar
This is a cross browser Javascript calendar. Download the zip-file and open the js_calendar.html file in your browser. You use the displayCalendar() or displayCalendarSelectBox() function to display the calendar.
Calendars | 07 Sep 2006 | 213 | 0 Comments

The DHTML / JavaScript Calendar
A popup or flat DHTML calendar, suitable for selecting date and time. Supported on most browsers, it features a customizable look through CSS, keyboard navigation, multiple day selection and more!
Calendars | 13 Jul 2006 | 208 | 0 Comments

Popup Calendar
Popup Calendar script makes inputting dates into forms as easy as point-and-click. Your user simply selects the date from a popup calendar, and it's automatically entered into the designated form field.
Calendars | 11 Jul 2006 | 179 | 0 Comments

Date Input Calendar
Date Input Calendar is designed specifically to make entering date values into forms as easy as can be! It's different from most other similar scripts in the following two ways:
Calendars | 09 Jul 2006 | 85 | 0 Comments

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